5 Tips to Keep Your Fur Babies Safe!

May 25, 2018

As a pet parent, we try our hardest to provide them with the best food, the best care, and all the love they could ever want. In return, they help calm our stress, keep us active, and love us unconditionally. There’s no question that our fur babies are a part of the family, and their safety matters, too. That’s why Strauss Security offers many features, some created specifically for pets (and smaller family members), to help ensure your pets’ safety, and your full peace of mind.





1. Did you know you can monitor your fur babies from anywhere?  With Strauss Security and Total Connect 2.0, you can monitor your alerts and cameras from ANYWHERE using your smart phone, tablet, or pc. Strauss can install pet-friendly cameras and motion detectors so you can always track their paw tracks.


2. Dangers such as fire, gas leaks, flooding, and burglaries spell disaster for your pets. Animals can get just as disoriented, anxious, nervous, and confused as their human family members during emergencies.  Ensure their safety by having Strauss Security test and connect your fire/smoke alarms, gas detectors, and flood/temperature sensors, to your security system. When an alarm goes off, authorities can be dispatched immediately.


3. If your pets spend a lot of time in your “outside” living space, they may be in danger of trespassers, swimming pools, and other animals. Strauss offers gate sensors, pool sensors, and weather resistant wifi wireless cameras. Monitor 24/7 from anywhere with your smart phone, tablet, or pc with Total Connect 2.0


4. Did you know you can register your pet with us, just like any other family member?  Strauss Security will add your pets to your account, ensuring you the best monitoring experience.  This allows Strauss Security to protect your family better, as we can alert the authorities of your pets’ presence.


5. Decals, Stickers, Signs! You have to let people know you have fur babies! In case of emergencies, it is hard to determine just how many people can be in one home, let alone, how many pets. Putting up stickers, decals, and signs in your yard helps authorities, like police, and firefighters, do their job safer and more efficiently, which can save precious time needed in an emergency. Ask Strauss Security for specialized pet signs, stickers, and decals.


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