5 Essential Tips for Your Summer Travels

May 29, 2018

Summer is a great time to get away from home!  While you’re out relaxing, criminals are still working hard, as they never take a vacation.  If that has your mood down, don’t worry, just follow the tips below, to ensure you’ve taken all the necessary steps to enjoy your get-a-way as care free as possible!


5)            We’ve heard it before, but Strauss Security will say it again, DON’T let your mail and newspapers pile up. This shows thieves that you have been gone a while, and that they have ample time to take your belongings. Go to the post office, or use their online services to put your mail on hold until you return. This way, no mail gets piled up. Call the newspaper company, and ask they also put a hold on your newspapers. https://holdmail.usps.com/holdmail/


4)            This one is fairly easy and straight forward. Have a nosy neighbor? Ask them to keep an eye on your house. Most neighbors will keep an eye on your house, because it also benefits them to keep the neighborhood safe.


3)            Lighting, lights everywhere. With the cost of LED lighting, you can afford some nice lights that will help ward off any lurkers. You can put battery operated lights on your porch, in your entry way, and more. The battery operated LEDs last a long time, and don’t cost anything other than a new replacement battery. Motion lights on a timer are a great option, too! They turn on when they detect motion, and stay on for a programmable time frame. They also come in solar panel styles, so you don’t have to hard wire them, or pay electrical costs! You should have a motion detector light by each entry door, your garage, and out buildings. You should have outdoor lights by windows that don’t have sufficient street lighting.


2)            Are you guilty of leaving a spare key around your home? If so, chances are you could have been seen retrieving that key by neighbors or thieves scoping out the neighborhood. It is never a good idea to leave a key in an area you don’t have immediate access to, or that someone else can have immediate access to without you knowing!  Ditch the spare key; install a keyless entry system that uses codes, fingerprints, or a smart phone.  With one of Strauss Security’s keyless entry systems, you will never be locked out or hide a spare key!


1)            This is the number one tip! DO NOT post your vacation agenda on your social media! You would be surprised at how many people outside your network can see this information. Would you tell complete strangers what time you were leaving your home to board a plane, how long your flight will be, when you will be home, and then give them your address? Well, that’s what you’re doing when you post your plans on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You are literally INVITING BURGLARS!


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