4 Tips to Keep Your Business Secure



Every business should be properly secured, and treated as the huge investment it is. Follow these 4 tips from Strauss Security to keep your business safe and secure!


  1. Your business may shut down at 5 PM, but that doesn't mean the bad guys are done for the day.  If your company doesn't close, you need to think about the safety of your staff. Believe it or not, proper lighting can help protect your precious company, and the employees that make it successful.  Leave lights on inside the building at night, even if no one is working. Sure, this may increase your electric bill, but it may help protect your assets. Install lights on the outside of the building.  Focus on each entry point and any poorly lit areas. This will ward off most intruders, especially if they think someone is inside.

  2. Safes are a must have for most businesses.  Whether it contains accounting documents, or a drop safe to secure your cash, the experts at Strauss Security can help determine which safe is best for your company. Give us a call at 515-276-7030

  3. Access control systems help companies remain secure in a number of ways.  By utilizing an access control system, you can eliminate keys, and the need to replace keys if one is lost, stolen, or an employee leaves.  Access control systems allow you to grant access to certain people, for certain areas, and prevent unauthorized persons from entering spaces.  Another benefit to access control systems is the reporting. Ask Strauss Security how easy it is to track attendance and whereabouts of employees and guests.

  4. The most beneficial equipment to help keep your business secure is an alarm system.  Not only do Strauss Security alarm systems keep you safe and aware of burglaries, they also alert you to fire, smoke, flooding, and offer live video feed.  Strauss Security alarm systems can be monitored and controlled 24/7 from your phone, tablet, or computer.


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