Ask the Locksmith, Cheap Vs Expensive

May 8, 2019


“What’s the difference between a cheap lock and an expensive lock?”

Strauss Locksmiths can define the two primary differences as;


1) How long the lock will last under normal wear & tear,



2) How much of a beating the lock can withstand before failing.

Cheap lightweight locks are easier to destroy. Expensive heavyweight locks have more metal, making the parts thicker, stronger and durable. Expensive high quality locks are generally made from brass, a strong alloy of copper and zinc. Brass has a natural low friction quality and resists the corrosive effects of weather. It’s much harder than copper, and when tarnished from exposure to weather is still visually attractive. Cheap locks are typically die-cast from nonferrous metal. These metals are not as tough or as resistant to the effects of weather as brass, and they wear out much faster.  Call the Locksmiths at Strauss, they can help you find the best lock for your needs!




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