Trick Or Treat Safety!


Trick or Treat Safety!


1. Children should be supervised by adults when trick or treating.

Costumes can make it hard to see cars, and their are plenty more vehicles than usual, your child is not prepared to weeve through traffic.

Children can get lost, or even worse, taken, always accompany your child trick or treating. Better to be safe than sorry!


2. Stay on the sidewalks. If you live in an area that does not have sidewalks, follow the basic rules of the road when walking-

Walk Facing Traffic When Walking on the Side of the Road. ...

Cross Safely. ...

Walk Single File When Not Separated from the Road. ...

Stay Aware of Bikes and Runners. ...



Be Visible. ...

Be Predictable. ...

Keep the Volume Down. ...

Hang Up and Eyes Up.






3. Wear reflective clothing and use a flashlight. This helps vehicles see you and your child(ren). If your costume doesn't have bright colors or reflectors, simply add some with reflector tape usually found in the sports section of large retail stores.


4. Facepaint is usually better than masks because the paint is on the face, and not causing blind spots from ill-fitted pieces, or bulkiness, like a mask. This can help the child look for traffic, and be aware.


5. Parents- remember to drive slow, and CAUTIOUS! Yes, you may be in a hurry to get to as many neighborhoods as possible, or to just get it done and over with, either way, no one's life is worth getting somewhere a few extra minutes early!


6. Parents carefully check each piece of candy before allowing your child(ren) to eat the candy, (this also allows you to snag a few pieces for yourself, well worth the work, if you ask me). If candy is sealed, contains air in the package, and doesn't look tampered with, it should be fine. Most packaging is meant to have a bit of air, and be air tight (not all). Squeeze the candy just a bit and see if the packaging shrink wraps around the candy. If so, there is a leak in the package (this is usually from mishandling, and rough shipping from factory, read "How often does Halloween candy tampering really happen?" here but why take the chance).


Remember, always use common sense, and always accompany a child, you may have taught them to look both ways, and you may have taught them stranger danger, but why put them to the test?


Have a fun and Safe Beggars Night from Strauss Security!


Strauss Security


4663 121st St.

Urbandale, IA 50323







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