Residential Access Control - Improve your home security with Access Control Systems

Strauss Security Solutions offers a variety of ways to secure your home. With our solutions you can make sure only the right people have access to your home, eliminating the need to hand out keys. We also offer locks for your everyday needs, see our options below.

Residential Intercom/Video Systems: Know who is at the door or your gate before you open it with an intercom or video system.


Pushbutton Locks: Secure your home with the push of a button instead of a key. Our pushbutton locks give you the security of a code without the hassle or risk that comes with handing out multiple keys.


Medeco High Security Locks: Medeco is the top of the line in security, so protect your most important assets and your family with a high security lock.


Padlocks: Whether you need a padlock for a gym locker, a school locker or something else around your home, secure your possessions with a high security padlock. Visit our showroom to see our selection.


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Residential Intercom / Video Systems

Strauss Security Solutions offers Aiphone intercom systems. The Aiphone intercom will allow you view who is at the entry door and grant them access with the simple push of a button. The intercom solution can also take a photo of each person that presses your door bell. Your system will archive who is at your home when you are not. Multiple wall mount stations may be connected to one entry unit, so several rooms can monitor who is entering the house. Contact Strauss to learn more or schedule a demo.

conveniently identifies visitors at locked doors. Inside stations feature easy to use touch buttons and a large, 7" video screen.

Pushbutton Lock Systems 

Strauss Security Solutions has a wide offering of pushbutton access locks. These locks allow you to secure doors and enter without the use of a key. Pushbutton locks provide an economical solution to securing your home. Imagine the simplicity of a pushbutton deadbolt at your home. Using a pushbutton eliminates the necessity to carry a key and can be a great way to accommodate visiting guests and family. Contact Strauss to learn more or schedule a demo.

Medeco High Security Locks

Medeco offers high security deadbolt locks and door locks with high security keys. The keys to these locks must be taken to a certified locksmith to be duplicated because general hardware stores do not have the machinery or knowledge to duplicate the key. In order to get the key duplicated your permission must be given to the certified locksmith for that specific person. Medco locks have been put to through the toughest security locks and passed with flying colors. Call Strauss today to learn more about protecting your family with Medeco locks or to set up your installation.


Visit to see their selection of high security locks that can be used to protect your home.

*Re-key your home for just $69 (included 3 locks, each additional lock is just $9 more includes 2 keys, additional keys $3 each) – learn more.


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Padlocks For All Uses

Need a lock for the gym, work, school, your shed, or cabinet? We can help. Padlocks are useful for keeping your possessions safe when you are not using them or cannot keep an eye on them. We carry small padlocks for lockers to large padlocks for gates and sheds. Visit our showroom in Des Moines to view our in store selection and talk to a Strauss Security Specialist about the right kind of padlock for your needs.

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