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Strauss Security Solutions has the right alarm system to fit your specific needs and your budget. Our specialty is security, so let us help you build the best security system for your business. We offer a variety of features for our commercial alarm systems that will give you the peace of mind that your business is secure when you are away. Strauss can either take over your current system or install a custom system to fit the needs of your business. We recommend pairing an alarm system with security cameras. We will service and install a commercial security system in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Urbandale, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, or anywhere throughout Iowa.

Features you want for the security you need!
  • Custom designed Commercial Burglar Alarm System (installation & service) door alarms, window alarms, security cameras, burglary alarms

  • Fully computerized & redundant UL Listed Central Station Monitoring Services (24/7) of alarms (burglary, fire), troubles, supervisory conditions, low battery alert

  • Conditions, cellular backup & cellular monitoring for those that don’t have a landline telephone. Monitoring of opening & closing signals supervised, opening & closing by schedules, emailed or faxed detailed reports of activity & arming / disarming on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Other services are available as well.

  • Custom designed security system installations to meet the needs of your business utilizing UL listed hardware and supervised wireless technologies

  • Taking over and monitoring of most other companies’ systems

  • Installation of hardwired or supervised wireless security

  • Remote account management and administration of all systems which includes secure remote programming and modifications between your system(s) and our main office

  • System diagnostics from the Central Station and our local office

  • On-call technicians available 24/7 for emergency service

  • Factory trained & licensed installers & technicians on staff specializing in security, fire, CCTV, cameras, and access control

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Security System Add-Ons for your Business

Burglar Alarms

Strauss Security Solutions is an industry leader in Commercial Security & Life Safety Alarm Services. We provide a wide range of custom designed monitored alarm systems for your business using UL® approved equipment. Our goal at Strauss is to keep you, your employees, your customers, and your business as safe as possible. We recommend when setting up a commercial burglary alarm system that you cover all of your bases; secure every door to the building and doors guarding confidential information, every window that someone would be able to gain access to the building through, and more. Contact us today to schedule your free security consultation. Don’t hesitate to keep your business safe.

Holdup Alarms

A holdup alarm button is a smart way to protect your employees, customers, and business in an emergency situation. We can install your holdup alarm as part of your Strauss security system or add it to an existing security system once we take over the management of the system. Holdup alarm buttons are used to notify the dispatcher of a potentially dangerous situation without needing to actually pick up a phone and call them. The alarm can be programmed to notify the dispatcher to send emergency medical assistance instead of the police or fire department. No matter what function you are using it for, the alarm can be hard wired or wireless.

We will work with you to determine the best placement for your holdup alarms such as in a vault, under a desk, in cash registers, and other various places that will be easy to access in the case of a holdup or medical emergency. We recommend installing multiple holdup alarms for maximum security.

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